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Electrician Lyttelton

Issues with wires, bulbs, switch breakers, and sockets are common these days. Smart Connections has a highly talented team of professionals available at your services to help you deal with all types of major and minor issues related to your house’s electrical gadgets and appliances. We are here with the quality services that you need in hours of an emergency.

Electrician‌ ‌Mount‌ ‌Pleasant‌

Finding a reliable and trustworthy Electrician Mount Pleasant can be tough. Most experts working in the field do not have the skills or expertise that you need. They often do not provide emergency services, due to which you are unable to get your issues resolved on time. Do not worry because Smart Connections has a perfect solution for all your problems. 

Electrician Redcliffs

Finding a reliable electrician is not an easy task. You have to ensure that the hiring person will understand your demands and provide you with the best services. Even if you can find the best electrician, Redcliffs, their services are expensive and out of your budget. Do not worry because Smart Connections has a perfect solution for your problem. We are here with the best team of electricians who will provide you with reliable services.

Electrician Sumner

Is wiring of your house creating problems? Are you planning to install a new lighting system? Is it getting hard for you to find a reliable electrician? Well, there is no need to look any further. Smart Connections has the best team of professionals who will resolve your issues and provide you with the services you need.


EV Home Charger

The automobile industry is now advancing, and many car manufacturers are switching from combustion engines to electrical motors. It helps to make a better environment, but it also helps the users in a lot of ways. However, this technology is not very popular globally, so people could face issues regarding charging their vehicles.

Garden Lighting

There are many ways of making the exterior of your house look unique. Some people go for exterior designing while others go for other ways. One of the unique ways to make your home unique from the outside is by installing garden lighting. It comes with many amazing results; however, installing these lights is not as easy a job.

LED Lighting

As electrical technologies are advancing, newer types of lights are being invented. However, one of the types of lights that are not very new but has constantly been improving is the LED lighting. If you have still not got these lights installed at your place, you must go for them because they are far better than some other types of lights.

Lighting Design

Installing lights in your place is not a simple job that you can let anyone do. The modern-day requirements of designing make it difficult for a lot of technicians to efficiently install the lights. The main reason behind this issue is that different lighting designs can be installed, and they require expertise in every bit of the work that has to be done.

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Our team provides exceptional quality, reliability and products. Our engineering, sales and customer service team is ready to help you. Our engineering team handles every project with passion. We offer a comprehensive list of solutions for your company. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is clean and temperature controlled, and every incoming repair or project is tracked from start to finish- so our customer service team can give you an update at any time.


Had Andrews name put forward to me for a job at home , contacted me straight away ,saved me quoting costs by not coming out ,getting me to take picturesof what needed to be done over the phone .
Coming back with a price , and organising a time to do job.

Ian Mulling

Andrew is really helpful and knows his stuff. We always try to support local businesses, and know that Andrew and the team always strive to keep customers happy, and are also up to date on the latest technology, if all the bells and whistles are your thing!

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