EV Home Charger

 Domestic EV charger standard installation price = $2400 РIncluding GST

What is a standard installation?

1. Good clear access from the switchboard to where you want the charging socket.
(This would normally be a ceiling cavity with at least 1 meter of clear crawl space)
2. 1 length of conduit with fixings
3. 25 meters cable
4. 4 hours labour
5. Mains protection circuit breaker and enclosure
6. Type B RCD and enclosure
7. 30amp trade quality charging socket
8. Compliance cert
All of our work is carried out using the best trade quality materials.

Why is it better to have an EV home charger installed in-house?

Well, there are many benefits that you can get if you install a charger for your electric vehicle at your home. Here we have elaborated on some of those benefits.

Convenience at your terms

The first benefit is convenience. For a long time, people have become used to filling stations to get their car fuel tank refilled. However, the number of fuel stations is very high compared to the EV charging stations present in the world. It makes an issue, and that issue is that the users have to wait for their turn.

When you have the EV charger installed at your home, you can charge your car at your convenience. You can charge the car overnight, and you will not have to wait in queues to get your car charged.

Amazing cost reductions

Installing the EV charger at your home comes with some amazing cost reductions. Some ways by which it is cheaper are listed below.

  • Cheaper than fuel.
  • You will not have to pay at the charging stations.
  • If you implement it with a solar power system, you will be using the charger free with a minimal maintenance cost.

Our professionals will tell you about the best EV home charger model for you

When you get professional services from us, our men will ensure that they provide you with the best advice. They will thoroughly study the system of electronics present at your home and your electric vehicle as well. In this way, they will tell you about the charger that is the best option for being installed at your place.

Emergency EV home charger replacement and repair services

Sometimes the system of the charger itself can get worse, and it will stop working. Sometimes this is a major issue, while otherwise, this is just the matter of a fuse. However, in any case, you do not have to worry because we will provide you the emergency services at your convenience. In this way, you will be able to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Protection and circuit breaker installation for your EV home charger

It is not a good option to install the EV chargers without proper protection. So, if you want to use the stock charger for your car, we can provide you with the protection installation service where we will install proper circuit breakers at your place to make sure that your charger is not affected by any system issue.

If you notice any emergency electrical situation in your residential or commercial building, you can contact our experts.

How and why are we the best EV home charger installation service provider in the area?

Providing the best services is what we care for the most, and here are some reasons we provide the best EV charger installation services in the area.

Our men have thorough knowledge about EV home chargers and vehicles

We know that this is a sensitive field of work where a little mistake can cause a huge loss. So, we only hire trained and educated people for this job. These men exactly know the things that are the best for your place, vehicle, and charger. It makes them provide the best results.

We follow the electrical codes for the installation of the EV home charger

Sometimes there are electrical codes of area for the installation of some sort of EV chargers. Our men make sure to follow them so that they never install an illegal or irrelevant charger at your place.

Final Thoughts

EV technology has changed automobiles, and now a lot of people are looking forward to buying such vehicles. If you get an electric vehicle, you must get the charger installed at your home. Here we discussed some of its benefits along with the services that we provide.


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